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18 May 2017


The 2017 World U21 and U18 Snooker championships will take place between the 7th-16th July in Beijing, China. England have been asked to nominate 3 players into each event and they will be nominated as per the EASB International Selection Criteria. You can find the

06 May 2017

Q School 2017

During the 2016/17 season, the EASB ran a 6 event series known as The English Amateur Tour Described as - Second in status only to the English Amateur Championship this Competition is designed to attract the best amateurs in the country playing in the best conditions.Players

30 April 2017

The English Amateur Championship - North

The two finalists from the North are David Lilley and Ashley Carty They will join Billy Castle and Andrew Norman from the South in the Finals weekend Check all the scores by clicking on the logo below

24 April 2017

Notification of Premier Junior Tour and Junior Play-Off Places

Notification of Premier Junior Tour and Junior Play-Off Places Because of the high fall-out of participants (due to age ineligibility) at the end of this season, next seasons Premier Junior Tour will be reduced to 32 places. 18 players will remain on the tour. They will b

19 April 2017

Urgent call for referees

Last call for referrees for the EBSA Championships Please see the link below for full details Closing date is 28th April

18 April 2017

Regarding promotion from the Regional to the Premier Junior Tour

No information regarding Junior Play-Offs or promotion to Premier Junior Tour can be given until after the last Premier Junior Tour. Qualifiers will be contacted directly once the numbers are known for certain. This may take up to a week after the Premier Junior Tour Event 6.